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TurnKey’s service and hospitality starts with our commitment to your health and safety.

For our guests and homeowners, we're committed to delivering safe, clean and comfortable experiences in every home, for every stay, every time. To achieve this, we maintain the best technology and network of professional housekeepers in each market we serve.

From eliminating in-person contact during house cleans, to ensuring a professional clean with COVID-19 fighting products, our patented GuestWorks® cleaning system and verification technology sets the standard for vacation rental housekeeping.

Automated Scheduling

TurnKey’s GuestWorks technology fully automates housekeeping scheduling for each new reservation. Our system tracks when a TurnKey-approved professional housekeeper accepts, completes and submits their cleaning job for verification, so a home never goes uncleaned.

“Zero Contact” Home Access

Our patented technology eliminates the need for person-to-person contact during a home clean by issuing our professional housekeepers time-sensitive, digital access codes for the home. This allows for secure access to the home and compliance with best practices around social distancing.

TurnKey Housekeeping App

Once inside the home, housekeepers check-in using the TurnKey Housekeeping App on our in-home tablet, which is geo-coded to the home. The app also prompts housekeepers to report any onsite issues, such as broken furniture or low supplies, which TurnKey’s local team will promptly address.

Custom Housekeeping Checklists

Our professional housekeepers follow stringent cleaning standards and custom checklists for each home using the TurnKey Housekeeping App. In response to COVID-19, these checklists have been enhanced to focus on high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces like handles, remote controls and light switches, in line with CDC guidelines.

Photo-Verification of Home Clean

After cleaning the home, housekeepers take photos of each room with the TurnKey Housekeeping App. In response to COVID-19, we now require housekeepers to also photo-verify the use of products approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. Once submitted, photos are reviewed within minutes to determine if the rooms are cleaned, using the proper products, and staged properly.

Housekeeping Rated by Guests

Guests rate the home’s cleanliness when they check-in, and TurnKey maintains a 97% successful cleaning rating. But if there is a low rating, our team quickly follows up with the guest and housekeeper to correct any issues. Only housekeepers who maintain consistently high ratings are allowed to stay in TurnKey’s network of professional housekeepers.

GuestWorks® Cleaning Certification

With an aim toward elevating both the consistency of home cleans and adherence to new standards for cleanliness and safety, we’re launching a certification program in our patented GuestWorks cleaning system and verification technology. All housekeeping vendors will be required to complete this program in order to receive the certification.

This training program will include a review of our updated cleaning standards and technology, including cleaning for high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces, as well as our proprietary housekeeping scheduler, keyless locks, in-home tablet, TurnKey Housekeeping App and custom cleaning checklists.

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